Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Unexpected Book or Two

Ok you know the saying never judge a book by its cover? Well truth is, everyone judges, whether they are conscious of it or not. Occasionally, you can find your initial judgement to be right or at least in the same ballpark. But wow... recently, two people have shown me how completely wrong you could be. A girl who all dolled up from her high heels to her hair extensions gave me the impression she was "one of those girls." You know the shallow, dramafied ones? (Do not get me wrong, I love you if you are reading this =)) I had this judgement in my head only to be destroyed as I got to know her more and more. Shes battled a serious illness, has more depth than most people I have met in my life and has drama, yes (who doesn't?), but does not go looking for it.
The main person that rattled my brain a little was a guy I thought to be completely mellow, super religious and, I guess you can say naive (please don't be offended by that). I was so far off base that I was practically speechless when he shared stories of his past and his current beliefs, or lack there of. Me, speechless= a very rare happening. I at least have something stupid or random to say. My mind could not really grasp it I guess.
Now I know I have been wrong in judging before ( it is a habit I am trying to break), I just have never been so distant from the truth before. Does that mean my people skills are getting worse? Hope not.
Oui... enough with the epiphanies. Tomorrow is registration day in San Dee-a-go. That means I am one step closer to school and one step closer to my new home =) Its definitely going to be a change and I have mixed feelings about leaving R-town, but... happy/excited outweighs all the others. Time has come for me to hit the next 'grown-up' stage. I think my mom is nervous (and shes already talking about when I come home), but I know its the best choice as far as our relationship and my maturity goes.

In other news:

-Still no men on the radar; although, Kayla is making it her mission to find me one.

-Kari, Kayla and I are getting a new toy.

-My Poli Sci professor said I will pass his class! Yay

-World Relgions tonight had a great guest speaker on Christianty

-I got a great work out today (finally)

-I found a new person I really enjoy talking to

-New topic of interest: Egyptian Heiroglyphics and Egyptian history as a whole. Challenging myself to do some self educating on this one.

If I continue to write it'll just be rambling. (As if I wasn't doing so already, right?)

Nighty night.

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