Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Great Escape...

... is what I could use right now. Finals. Boo. I will be up until 8am doing this history final due at 10am. Procrastination? Uh yeah... just a little. And it is biting me in the ass now.

Yet here I am writing a blog so I can procrastinate further =) I do not learn. Its a charming quality of mine.

Well, since I am at it, lets vent a little shall we? OoOo k. While distracting myself from my nonsense final I stumbled upon Shelbs' blog and then on to Josi's... they inspired me to write a little. I would like to get this thing back in routine.

I am not going to spill all that has happened between my last blog and now buuuuut I will say there hass been definite change. Change is always sgood when going in the right direction. My question... is my change headed that way? Who knows. At times I think the new adventures I am partaking on are wrong, bu only becuase I feel as though I should feel that way. Guilt only becuase I know if I told my mother she would think I shsould feel guilt. Strange. However, exciting. San Diego is a new world. There are battles between friends, with the parentals, when balancing a budget , when juggeling work and school and within myself. Growth I guess is what you could call it. I am growing up. Yay for me.
It is a homey feeling here though. This city could be home for a couple, maybe a few years. In fact, just decided to stay here next year instead of moving to LA. Although I am sad I will not be under the same roof as Shelby Jean, I will visit often. This place jusst seems a better fit for me. Before the living decision I did decide to switch majors to the more business side of FIDM with Merchandise Marketing. An event planner is my latest career thought. And I just had a co-worker offer to help me get a job with an wedding planner who is a friend of hers. Score! I would like to test this arena out. I only think I'd love it. Need to test this thought out.
Boys. Need to leave my life. Men. Need to enter. Well.... really just one man. Thought I caught one just to have fun with but low and behold-- he is playing games. I do not like demanding attention; it is not something I need/want often. But when I want it... I better damn well get it. Throwing a fit. When did text messaging become so important?
Summary of the last two nights:
Work late
Come home to drunken roommate and our guys
Refused to drink due to rough weekend
Jumped in spa at 2am in underwear (well the guys were)
Got yelled at by one big dude
Passed out or attempted to-- failed due to drunkards running through the aparment complex causing an unbelievable rukus which I was amazed didn't bring security to our door
Woke up
Ate Chipotle!!
Worked on final and realized how long it was really gonna take
Now-- home, working on final, listening to Tegan & Sara, listening to Seanie boy passesd out in 'the cave', having a little cocktail


Back to history. What did Eisenhower do to change our economy? I don't know either.