Thursday, May 22, 2008

San Diego... and then some

Home of UCSD, STDSU and FIDM! I got to register for classes today and was totally siked when I thought school was only going to happen for me two days a week. Then I hear FIDM students have an average of about 20-25 hours of homework a week. Looks like schools going to be going on pretty much everyday of the week. No time for work? Hope there is. I need money. Which was evident today when I went to fill up my gas tank to go home after Kayla and my lovely day of shopping for our new home; there was no money on my debit card and a dollar in my purse. After already borrowing a chunk of money from Kay I had to call her and ask her for more in order to get home. Ten dollars in an empty tank won't get you too far, but somehow it got me from San Diego to Riverside. The last 20 minutes of driving on 'E' was definitely worrisome. Luckily I made it to an Arco station where my mommy came to my rescue and filled up my lil baby. Nothing like the feeling of a full tank of gas, eh? Seriously though, I love to feel like I can go anywhere.
Where would I go if I could really go anywhere? At the moment I'd choose Assyria.... hundreds and hundreds of years ago, when the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were still 'hanging.' I was told to look up that topic tonight and what did I learn? That it would truly be amazing to see this member of the Seven Wonders of the World. Plus, these scientists in a video cannot figure out what system they used to carrying so much water up to water the gardens. They got me wondering as well; it would be nice to find the answer. This new topic of historical mysteries... hooked! I'm watching videos at 12:30 at night, now that has got to be interesting.
Interesting? I was asked what am I interested in... and am still stuck on how I could not answer that seemingly simple question. I threw out some random answers like 'educating myself.' Then strangely said I would like to know more about animals, history and politics (wth?). I even fell on the cliche "live life to it's fullest." Beautiful Britt... that does not cover my interests one bit. I thought I was answering to simply, so then began to think into specifics of what I was interested in and honestly... my mind went blank. Conclusion? I am still figuring out my interests. Unfortunately, I never took the time to identify what truly interests me. Well, that's what this age range is all about right?

Ok, so done with my emo writings for the night.
Exciting events:
May 27th- Ms. Shelby Jean comes home from her journey to the Middle East
June 6th- Papa Moore comes to town!! my amazing grandpa from Arkansas (or Oklahoma? I can never get it straight)
June 8th- MoVe In DaY!! My apartment is officially mine and Kay's
June 12th- RCC is out of my life
June 13th- Evan (prayerfully) graduates from high school.
July 10th- School is in session.

Let's hope somewhere in between Evan's graduation and school starting, I get a job. I'll actually have bills to pay.
Who wants to bet I won't get up for school... again? Let's hope they wouldn't win.

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