Sunday, May 18, 2008

In the Begining...

God created a little girl name Brittany. Who decided to spend the last couple hours reading about other peoples lives and thought to herself, 'why am I reading about the lives of others instead of writing about my own? Do I want to be the girl that reads all the fun stories and life experiences or do I want to have my own adventures to tell?' No, not really. I did not think that hard into it. I just figured I could use one of these babies to share my oh-so-intriging details of my life and my deep, passionate or pondering thoughts. Plus I found myself wrapped up in others entries I thought it would be nice to bring people into my world and share my emotions. Unfortunately I have no stories or thoughts to be written in this post. My brain is fried due to the fun activities I took part in last night and the fact I have now been up for over 24 hours. All I have to say is I miss my Jensen, I am excited for San Diego, stressed about Poli Sci and laughing at myself for my brilliant acts. Next post will most likely be a background of my life. Boring. So lets hope I get some mind blowing philosophical questions between now and then or an epiphany of some sort.

Love you Shelbsters. Can't wait for your return. You are in my thoughts and prayers dollface

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